5 Spare Room Ideas

Got a spare room you want to do something with? Looking for inspiration? Or spare room ideas can help you create something spectacular out of the previously unloved.

Have an extra bedroom you are thinking of creating a new space with? Want to turn the garage into something more useful than just for storage? or just looking to add value to your property?

You can add an estimated 4-6 per cent added value to your property when you do up a spare room into something with a wow factor or just more useable.

Enrich your life, family life and add some value by creating your dream home without the moving costs needed to buy a new property.

1. Home Office

Working from a dedicated space is key to productivity, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic switching the focus to working from home rather than in the office.

Turn your spare room into a dedicated office. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb for equipment with a desk and chair essentially all you need.

Creating a home office will allow you to separate work from home life and get the right balance.

2. Home Gym

Save on the monthly membership fees by creating your own home gym. It is one of the most popular spare room ideas.

It doesn’t need to be huge, just a room big enough to fit fitness equipment like a treadmill, bike or cross trainer, and free weights. Or yoga or tai chi mats.

If your room is small, adding mirrors to walls can help make any gym room look much larger and make for a better session.

3. Play Room

Children love to play with toys, and as many as possible at the same time. But boy does it create a messy living room or bedroom.

Instead, why not create your kids their own play room? Give them their own space to play, paint it or decorate it with their favourite things or characters and make it a special place they will love to be with siblings or friends.

4. Music Room

Got a music lover in the family? Give them a place to play the guitar, learn to perfect their skills on the piano or to play the violin or intrument.

A home studio, featuring the latest recording technology and soundproofing to keep the noise levels to a minimum, will make for the ideal place to bring out your best musical skills.

5. Movie Room or Sports Room

Consider turning your spare room into a movie room with a giant projector screen to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Combine it with some cinema chairs for a real authentic feel.

If sports rather than movies are your thing, watch the big football game or boxing match in your very own sports room. Deck it out with your favourite time colour and pictures and memorabilia.