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Wedding Flowers Trends 2023 (IDEAS & Top Tips)

Wondering what the wedding flowers trends for 2023 are if you are getting married this year?

The wedding trends that have emerged this year reflect a nostalgic wish to celebrate in the beauty of the natural world with those we love.

So far in 2023, wedding florists have experienced a rise in couples opting for outdoor and rustic wedding celebrations for their big day due to the availability of outdoor venues.

In particular, barn, winery and waterfront weddings have been popular. But the need for the freshest and highest quality blooms are just as important, regardless of the lifestyle of the happy couple.

Many couples have opted for the rustic wedding trend in these settings with romantic, feminine bridesmaids’ attire, a natural approach to hair and makeup, and soft, meandering wedding flowers that match the environment.

Opulent nature-inspired wedding bouquets feature a combination of flowers and greenery. These are cleverly pieced together into visually pleasing arrangements that have a straight-from-the-garden look.

Whether it’s a combination of one or two shades or a bold mixture of vibrant colours and luscious greenery, this is the look to go for when looking to keep up with the trends.

Arrangements for numerous whimsical and magical setups, featuring an abundance of pampas grass, eucalyptus, ferns and monsteras, are a 2023 wedding flowers trend.

Amazing Graze Flowers of Melbourne say “that after a long period of isolation and restrictions, people want to have fun in bright, vibrant environments that incorporate all sorts of colours.”