Stanley Fibreglass Curved Hammer

Best Claw Hammers for Home Use (TOP 10 Ranked)

Looking for the best claw hammer for home use? We’ve got you covered, with our list of the top 10 best claw hammers for DIY enthusiasts.

When it comes to home improvement projects, having the right tools can make all the difference. And when it comes to hammers, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

The Best Claw Hammers for DIY

There are a few claw hammers that are perfect for home use with a variety of features that make them great for homeowners.

Some of the best claw hammers for home use have a long handle that makes them easy to grip. They also have sharp claws that make it easy to remove nails and screws.

There are many reasons to use a claw hammer. They can be used for repairs, remodeling, and general work around the home.

So, what is the best claw hammer for home use?

1. Estwing Curved Claw Hammer

Estwing Curved Claw Hammer

One of the most durable claw hammers on the market, the Curved Claw hammer is built to last and one of the best on the market.

This one of the best Estwing claw hammers and is suited to carpenters, roofers, specialists and those serious about DIY.

The Curved Claw model is forged in one piece, features a genuine leather group and is incredibly durable no matter what the job in hand is.

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2. Dewalt Rip Claw Hammer

Dewalt Rip Claw Hammer

Among the toughest on the market, the Dewalt Rip Claw Hammer is durable, robust and built to last.

The heavy duty hammer is ideal for even the toughest of DIY projects, but is equally at home being used to hang a picture frame. The all-in-one hammer feature a yellow anti-slip grip.

3. Stanley Fiberglass Curved Claw Hammer

Stanley Fibreglass Curved Hammer

Stanley is one of the biggest names in the game and the 20oz curved claw hammer is among the best Stanley hammers.

Suited to hammering in larger nails as well as removing and prying nails from existing woodwork.

The fiberglass hammer has a bi-material handle for both anti-slip grip and comfort.

4. Estwing Rip Claw 16-Ounce Hammer

Estwing 16-Ounce Steel Rip Claw Hammer

Solid and sturdy, the Estwing Rip Claw hammer is a 16-ounce option forged from one piece of steel that is suited to both home DIY enthusiasts and professional carpenters.

The long-lasting hammer is ideal for hammering in nails, ripping out nails, demolition work or for breaking wood. It features a shock reduction group that will also prevent slipping from your hand while being used.

5. Craftsman Fibreglass Hammer 16oz

Craftsman Claw Hammer

The Craftsman model is a great general use option for DIY jobs around the home.

Made from a durable forged steel, the claw hammer is long lasting and should serve you well for many years. It has a vibration reduction grip and is value for money.

6. Workpro 20 oz Claw Hammer

Workpro Claw Hammer

The Workpro is a one-piece forged steel hammer with a magnetic nail starter to allow one-handed hammering.

The 20oz claw hammer is strong and durable, features a textured cushioned handle and is best suited nails, prying, demolition and splitting items and wood.

7. Bastex Fiber Glass Claw Hammer

Bastex Claw Hammer

A value-for-money option for general jobs and tasks around the home, the Bastex hammer is a great choice for DIYers.

From putting up frames to woodworking and fence work, this hammer will search you well.

It is a 16oz design, so not too heavy in the hand, and has a fiberglass non-slip handle that is also impact resistant.

8. TEKTON 30123 Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer

TEKTON Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer

Tough, hard-wearing and high-strength is what the TEKTON fiberglass claw hammer is all about. In fact, it is billed as being virtually unbreakable so expect this one to last a lifetime.

A 16oz steel hammer head is complimented by a fiberglass handle that is resistant to impacts, no matter what the task is. This is a hammer that can do it all, from prying nails to demolition jobs.

9. Vaughan Straight Claw Fiberglass Hammer

Vaughan Claw Hammer

A heavyweight 20oz hammer, the Vaughan is strong and the perfect choice for the tough jobs around the home.

The steel hammer is epoxy-sealed and the Vaughan comes with a solid fiberglass handle that is slip resistant and has shock absorption qualities for an all-round performance.

10. Irwin Claw Hammer

Irwin Claw Hammer

Not the most pleasing on the eye due to the straight handle, the Irwin more than makes up for it with supreme durability from the smooth forged steel head.

The grip is Pro Touch and offers comfort, while the curved base prevents the hammer from slipping from your hand.

Beneath the fiberglass hybrid handle design has been crafted to absorb all of the shocks from impact strikes.

How to Use a Claw Hammer

If you are looking for a hammer that can help you do your job better, a claw hammer should be your first choice.

They are versatile and durable tools that can help you do tasks like prying, breaking and striking hard objects.

  • To get started, find a sturdy piece of wood or metal to work on.
  • Grip the claw end of the hammer in your left hand and hold it close to the object you want to strike.
  • With your right hand (or left if you are left-handed), give the handle a quick shake so that the nails fall out of their sheaths.
  • Now hit the nail with all your power! The hammer will quickly break it off at the head.

Best Claw Hammers for Light Use

There are many different types of nails, and each requires a different type of hammer. For nails that are less than 2 inches in length, a claw hammer is the best option.

Claw hammers are designed to grip the nail tightly, making it easier to drive it into the wood. They are also lightweight, making them easy to use.

For nails that are 2 inches or longer, a standard hammer is more appropriate. Standard hammers have a wider head and are designed to hit the nail squarely on top. They are also heavier, making them more difficult to use but also more effective.

Best All-Purpose Claw Hammers

The different types of nails used in construction and home repair require different types of hammers. The best all-purpose claw hammer for most people is a square- or offset-handle model.

These hammers have more striking power than round-handled hammers, are easier to control, and are less likely to damage the nail because they spread the impact over a greater area.

Best Heavy-Duty Claw Hammers

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty claw hammer, you’ll want to consider purchasing one that’s made from steel.

All of the hammers on this list are steel products and should be on your radar – particularly the shortlisted 20oz version over the 16oz options.